Download Card Data Restoration Utility Freeware

Free Card Data Recovery for Mac  v.

7thShare Free Card Data Recovery for Mac is the best SD Card Data Recovery Software for Mac users, which has the ability to restore any lost data including pictures, videos, documents, archives and more from all kinds of SD Card on Mac.

Data encryption utility LabVault  v.1.0

Safeguard files, e-mails, passwords using strong data

DMINE- The data mining utility  v.1.0

Fast, scriptable data mining application. Supports unix pipes, redirection.

LabVault Data encryption utility  v.1.0

Safeguard files, e-mails, passwords using strong data encryption.

SD Card Recovery for Mac for Mac OS  v.3.0

An easy-to-use, professional SD Card data recovery software for Mac users, It can effectively recover photos and video clips that have been accidentally deleted, or where the SD cards has been formatted. The software supports all kinds of SD Card

Data & Files Recovery  v.2.71

MiMU Files Data Recovery, is a no-risk data recovery utility that assists you in recovering important data which was lost after drive format, virus problems, software corruption, file/directory deletion, file/directory corruption and more!It is an

SIM Card Scanner Editor  v.5.15

1. Insert your original SIM Card into reader. Open table SIM Scanner in order to execute the program. 2. Warning: This software is only for personal usage. Strictly prohibit to be used in illegally copy or back up others SIM Card data. 3. Click the

Latter-day Saint Data Processing System  v.1.0

The Latter-day Saint Data Processing System is a plugin-oriented general purpose data processing utility to assist members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in performing their volunteer work.

CDJ-1000 MK3 Memory Card Manager  v.1.0

Backup, edit and merge memory card data from Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 CD players.

Open Source Data Manager  v.1.0

Data synchronization utility for moving data between different servers and different databases.

Rapid Data Access  v.1.0

Rapid Data Access utility for selecting, inserting, updating and deleting data by ADO.NET based on .NET Framework 1.1

EraserDrop Portable  v.2.1.0

EraserDrop Portable is a simple and efficient data shredding utility. It is a drop target (a floating icon on your desktop) that you can drop files onto to quickly erase them so they can not be recovered. for Windows2K, XP, Vista, 7

CHAOS Compressor  v.3.0

Data compression utility, which allows you to quickly open, create, and modify your archives.

Diversity Map  v.0.0.3 Alpha

Diversity Maps was specially developed as a data visualization utility for plant geneticists and breeders. Diversity Maps is a Perl-based tool that can generate publication-quality, vector-based chromosome maps displaying differences in marker

FreePunch (Free E-Punching Tools)  v.1.0

Linux based client software and a set of AVR microcontroller devices that support the SportIdent electronic punching system used in orienteering. Clients send card data to a PHP/SQL web application, that serves as full featured event

MTGSQL  v.1.0

MTGSQL is a set of SQL scripts with full card data for sets of the game "Magic: The Gathering". The scripts are currently only tested on MySQL, but can be easily be ported to most other SQL platforms.

Javadm  v.1.0

Data Mining utility for java developers for small databases

Excel to Arff Converter  v.1.0

Excel to Arff converter. You can easily convert the excel datas will be used data mining process to arff file format and then easily analyze your datas and results using WEKA Data Mining Utility.

Remata  v.1.0

Remata is a flashcard program that focuses on providing aids to students of Koine Greek. However, its ability to import card data from text files makes it suitable for all types of study material.

Miner Mole for Windows  v.1.10

Miner Mole is a free and open source advanced indexing and data mining utility.

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